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Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Accidents on the road can involve drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists and occasionally pedestrians.

Road traffic accidents are the most common type of accident where we are asked to assist. Following an accident it can be a very confusing and upsetting time. Let us guide you through the process and let us assist you in putting things right.

If you are a vehicle owner, your immediate concern will probably be to repair or replace your car. You might be worried about not being able to get to work without a car. We can:-

  • Arrange an immediate engineers inspection of your car, at no cost to you.
  • Arrange for a replacement vehicle to get you back on the road straight away.

Once your car is repaired, then you might be worried it has lost value due to the accident. We can help you claim for this diminution in value.

If you suffered injury in the accident we can:-

  • Arrange physiotherapy and any other necessary treatment for you.
  • Assist you through the claims process to ensure you receive the optimal level of damages.

Claims can still be made:-

  • If the other driver didn’t stop.
  • If the other driver provided false details at the scene.
  • If the other driver was not insured.
  • If the police did not attend the accident.
  • If you were partly responsible for the accident.
  • If you were a passenger in a vehicle, regardless of whose fault the accident was.
  • If there were no witnesses to the accident.
  • If you or the other driver normally live abroad

We have extensive knowledge of the claims process. Helping you make a claim is what we are here for. If you are worried about any aspect of the claims process then please speak to us.

Got a query? Please contact us.

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