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How much is my case worth ?

Our job is to get you the right amount of money for your claim. Every injury claim comprises two elements known as:-

  • Injury compensation (called “General Damages”); and
  • Payment of out of pocket expenses you have or will incur (called “Special Damages”).

Injury compensation

The amount of compensation you will receive for your injuries is dependant upon the type of injury (or injuries) suffered; how severely you were injured and the duration of the injuries. Injury compensation is called “General Damages” because no precise value can be given for the injuries since everyone is unique and their injuries are similarly unique. At best therefore we can advise a range of values, but the amount you will actually receive is a matter for negotiation or, in some cases a judge to award.

Injuries are valued using medical evidence. This is the medical report obtained from the medical expert instructed in connection with your claim. Once that report is available we have evidence confirming the type of injury suffered; how severe your symptoms were and the duration (or likely duration) of your symptoms. Your injuries can then be valued by comparison to published guidelines used by judges and practitioners to assess the level of award, and by comparison to similar cases. The level of compensation you will receive is linked to the severity of the injury, with more severely injured people recovering more for their pain and suffering.

You can still claim for injuries even if:-

  • You only suffered for a short period of time and/or are now fully recovered;
  • You did not seek any medical attention (did not visit the doctor or hospital);
  • You were already suffering from problems to the same part of the body injured in the accident;
  • You suffered only from non physical injuries such as anxiety or stress;
  • You have been involved in a previous accident.

Out of pocket expenses

Out of pocket expenses, or “Special Damages” are your claims for everything else other than your personal injuries. These are the things which can be precisely valued. There is not an exhaustive list of items that can be claimed. It really depends upon the facts of the case since everyone and every case is unique. In general terms you will need evidence to prove your loss, so you must keep receipts for any purchases made such as for medicine, your insurance excess, etc. Damaged items should be photographed. Lost earnings are quantified by contacting your employer (if you are employed) or your accountant (if you are self-employed).

The most common out of pocket expenses we are asked to recover are:-

  • Vehicle losses such as your excess, repair costs, recovery charges and hire charges;
  • Loss of earnings;
  • Medical fees for prescriptions, physiotherapy, painkillers, etc
  • The cost of care and assistance
  • Damaged items
  • Travel expenses such as bus, taxi & train fares

Remember: We have extensive knowledge of the claims process. Helping you make a claim is what we are here for. If you are worried about any aspect of the claims process then please speak to us.

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